About Us

SR Global Services is a leading global provider of consumer insights & targeting and data quality. We help organisations intelligently interact with todays empowered and hyper-connected consumers. By helping marketers identify their best customers, find more of them and then coordinate seamless and intelligent interactions across the most appropriate channels, Experian Marketing Services’ clients can deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximise profits SR Global Services is a Multi Services provider company.


Qualitative Research
It comes to providing qualitative research techniques like in depth interviews, ethnographies, focus groups and online forums which can help you track the behavior of the consumer and help you understand the needs and the customer's response to a renvice product or brand.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative methodologies tend to show us the simple question of what consumers buy, where they obtain the product and when. Therefore, we apply Quantitative Methodology on a larger segment of population to do research on simple questions like: what consumers prefer, when and where they obtained the product, etc.